Meet Aisha Ali – A Home-Based Baker and a Home-Maker

We have a huge list of talented people, whom we contact on our routine schedule. We are lucky enough that we come to know about them through interviews. Social Book Pakistan is honored to know its people of Pakistan from diverse background and genre.

We are glad to introduce you another skilled baker, who is a true inspiration for all house wives. Ms. Aisha Ali 🙂

Tell us something about yourself. You’re Name, Qualification and etc.

My name is Aisha Ali. I have done my MSc from Karachi University. By profession I am a teacher and currently teaching chemistry to O’Levels at a reputed school. I am happily married and a mother of three children so have a responsibility of my job and family both.

What inspired you to start your own home-based bakery and when you officially started taking orders?
I have always liked baking since I was a little girl. Baking has always attracted me and out of my keen interest, I groomed my baking skills through self discovery and through various videos of professional bakers. After practicing decorations of fondant and cream at home, as I gained confidence, I officially started taking orders in 2013. Currently besides accepting orders I also conduct baking classes for every age.

Your business name is inspired by?
Well, I wanted to go for a name which would be simple and easily browsed. Therefore, after listing down some names I finally opted for Treats, as it sounded well to my ears. All good treats end with sweetness.

What’s your earliest memory of baking?
I was 11 years old when I first baked a cake which burnt and hardened.  Gradually as I kept trying I improved. I used to love making brownies and gifting them to my relatives n friends.

What was the greatest challenge you faced while starting a home-based bakery?
My greatest challenge when I started with the homebased baking business was pricing a cake ! Initially I had no idea what prices should I start with. Another challenge was space in my kitchen. I had a normal sized kitchen, and needed a lot of space to work specially while decorating and aligning a cake.

What is the most rewarding part of owning your own business?
Oh well! My lovely customers’ feedbacks have always counted the most. Their responses and reviews have always motivated me up and encouraged me to work harder and bake yummier cakes and also to come up with new creations.

What is a typical day like for you?
As I’ve mentioned earlier, that I have a lot of responsibility as a teacher, mother and wife, so my day goes pretty busy. I mostly accept orders during weekends. Baking is one of the biggest passions of my life, therefore have always enjoyed doing it.

We’ve all had a baking fail, or in my case, several. Can you describe your worst baking disaster?
Oh yes unpredictable things do happen, my cake fell on the floor once while I was taking it out of the oven and broke into bits as it was very hot., but luckily I had enough time to bake it all over again.

How do you think you stand out from your competitors?
My biggest competitor is my own self. I don’t believe in competition, I do my best every time. Yes I learn from the professional videos. Similarly I too have no problem in giving advice to others and helping them. I’ve never seen anybody as a threat, I’m more focused on my own work and improving it.

 What is your favorite cake and frosting combination?
For me the pleasure of eating cake is all about the layers and the different textures throughout it. For frosting I guess nothing beats a real buttercream or ganache is heavenly too.

What are a few unique cupcake or cake recipes you’ve baked?
I have recently started to make Swiss rolls and find really fun and adventurous to bake them, specially the decoration part. Moreover, I enjoy making flower pot mini cakes and kuppy cupcakes that are best for children’s parties as they look v unique and pretty.

How do you hope to see your bakery grow within the next year?
As I am a passionate baker, I take my business more like a hobby due to which I produce good results. I am practicing more new techniques and will try to create some new work in the upcoming year.

Do you offer anything other than cakes?
We mainly offer Fondant and cream cakes of different flavors. Fondant that I use is very light and is extremely versatile, always liked by my customers. It gives the cake a porcelain look surface that can be painted, piped, stamped and quilted. Besides cakes I make Swiss rolls, cupcakes, cake pops, mini cakes, flower pot cakes etc.

How can our readers stay connected with you as well as the bakery?
They can easily contact me through my Facebook page Treats or they can even contact me via email, [email protected]

What would you advice to other home-based bakers/entrepreneurs?
It takes discipline and persistence to make anything work, so work hard be brave, take the plunge and give it a go; to create a successful business you need to keep your customers at the heart of everything you do.



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