A Chat with an Emerging Home Based Food Business Owner & Henna Artist!

Facebook is now not just a simple social networking site, but it has proved itself significant enough for businesses and Entrepreneurs that also counts a great majority of women from around the world, who are running their business online from the comfort of their home.
Being an active ‘female’ Facebook user, I am also a member of a large number of Buy and Sell groups. Daily within 24 hours I observe people buying and selling new, used (which is now termed as pre-loved) stuff and homemade food.
Well, on one of such groups I came across Ms. Sandal Khan, who started her frozen food business in Karachi almost 1.5 years ago on the Facebook platform.
After being convinced by positive reviews about her food and henna skills, I decided to have a very friendly conversation and seriously I am very much impressed with her.

She has stepped into the real world at an early age and with a positive mind and great spirit.

Here is what we recently talked about:
Tell us something about your education and early days of your professional career?
I have done b.com and now waiting for my result. I am a henna artist and food business is run by me and my mother. Alhamdulillah from start I am very lucky to have very good clients so beginning was good.
Tell us something about yourself and about your family?
We have a small family consisting of 4 people. We are 2 siblings ( me and my brother) m elder one and being the first child that too girl I am always being pampered my family is very supportive Ammi Papa and Bhai all three of them supports me a lot because m not a strong person therefore I always need someone from my family to be with me.
What inspired you to start SS Frozen? How this idea clicked in your mind?
No one inspired us… My mother used to make frozen stuff like nuggets kebabs etc for us since our childhood because she didn’t liked the one available in markets she was never satisfied with them so during my whole school and college and even Uni life I ate this . In 2014 while eating those snacks I realized that if my mother is not satisfied with the frozen food available in stores then there must other mothers too and homemade is always much better I thought that there will be a potential market so we started SS Frozen and we got a good response.
How was the route to it? Difficult or easy?
No, the route was not easy because then many ladies started doing it they started playing the price game which I think is the dirtiest of all. We tried to keep our prices as low as possible but I don’t know how come others were giving in much lesser. So each and every time we used to listen that another lady or another home based frozen food supplier are giving in less price.
But Alhumdulillah when people try our food they do see a difference. So, at the end of the day everything goes fine.
When and how did you start?
We started it in 2014, through a buying and selling group on Facebook.
Who is your source of inspiration?
My sources of inspiration are my parents. They taught me nothing is impossible everything depends on you and Alhumdulillah today whatever I am doing its just because of them
Who and what motivated you to start your food business?
I would like to Thank Nadia Patel Gangjee, she was the one who motivated me she’s a gem she mentored me, she guided me, she was the one who gave me that platform.
What ambitions you had in mind when you started SS Frozen?
My ambition was simple I wanted to earn money by providing excellent quality of homemade food at economical rates.
Working from home was a totally new idea for everyone in my friends and family. They thought that It won’t work but Alhumdulillah it really worked.
Why you chose the name SS Frozen?
No strategy behind the name SS Frozen they are initials of me and my mother’s name.
There are other people as well doing food business, what makes you different from them?
We always make fresh food for every client. Even though it’s frozen we make it a day before delivery or in the morning of delivery day. So freshness and hygiene do make us different.
Any funny incident you would like to share or any memorable incident during your food business?
I don’t remember any such incident which took place.
Your hobby? Or I would say being an entrepreneur, if you get any extra time by chance what you love to do, other than work?
I love to do everything. Beside henna and food i am into arts and crafts. I make props, photo booth frames, handmade cards, chocolate bouquets, do painting and etc.
I love to do art work.
How you manage SS Frozen and other day to day tasks?
We take limited orders. And that’s how we manage our business and day to day task. We concentrate on quality rather than quantity.
What will you suggest to other emerging entrepreneurs and to freshers? How much difficult it is start your own food business?
It’s not difficult at all. But one should always do market research before starting any business once you have proper information you can start it very easily.
Please motivate those entrepreneurs who take a step back from their work, because someone else is doing the same and is making most from it.
One should never quit what they are doing just because of others. Because they are doing better than you at times its just hype as well. But one should definitely look into their own drawback they should point out there lacking. May be your food is good but packaging is not attractive as others.
One should never give up!
Your favorite dish, which you love to cook for yourself?
I love to make pastas , steaks and dishes which don’t actually exists. I love to play with ingredients so always end up making something new.
Which dish is preferred by your customers?
We usually get orders for:
  • Peri Peri Bites and Shami Kebabs from our frozen menu
  • Qoftay, Lab-e-Shiren and Khandviyan from our cooked menu.
However, we are highly famous for Sarso Ka Sagh and Chanay Ki Dal Ka Halwa.
What made you think that you can be a pro Henna artist?
Since childhood I loved to do henna. When I was in school applied Henna in Mela and everyone loved it from that day I thought that I should work on it .
Have you taken any classes for Henna art?
I never took any classes for henna art. Alhamdulillah!
What you enjoy doing more? Henna art or cooking?
I love doing both.
What do you prefer? A food order or a Henna client?
I would prefer Bridal Henna client over food order! Else will go with the food order 😀
Your vision for the next 5 years? Where do you see yourself as a professional? Henna artist? Chef? Or something else?
In next 5 years In Sha Allah I would like to see myself as an MBA working in a multinational.
I have few big plans for these 2 businesses as well but I need finance for that.
Anything you would like to share? Any advice for other female entrepreneurs?
Advice is “believe in yourself.” Ups and downs are part of life never lose your hope.

On behalf of Social Book Pakistan, I wish her all the very best and may she become one of the successful Woman Entrepreneurs of Pakistan!

You can contact her to place order for any home cooked and frozen food here. Also, you can contact her for Henna services.

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  1. Great Job Sandal! You are truly a inspirational source for all other females who really wanted to earn something extra for herself or their family.. 🙂 I wish you prosper ahead. (Ameen)

  2. Wow! so young, so energetic, so hardworking and so inspiring 🙂 ladies in our country are definitely not less than anyone.


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