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Social Book Pakistan is providing a platform to all passionate writers as well as to those who seek a platform to share their experiences, their knowledge and their stories with the world. We welcome everyone to write for us.
You can contribute with well-written:
Articles, reviews, recipes, tutorials, personal experiences, stories, researches, news, press releases, incidents, travel diaries, tourism, general information and your very own stories.
But, there are certain points that you have to keep in mind, before submitting your write-ups to us.
  1. If you are submitting articles, then it should be plagiarism free that it should have not been published before at any other blog or website and must be not less than 500 words. The content should be of value, engaging and interesting. If it’s an opinion then you will have to list in actual facts and figures.
  2. You can also send supporting images that you think will go well with your articles.
  3. Submit your write-ups in Word Document.
  4. If your submitted write-ups get maximum likes and comments in a month, you shall receive special surprise gifts from Social Book Pakistan and will be listed as our STAR CONTRIBUTOR on the website as well as on our official social pages.
  5. We don’t pay to guest contributors.
  6. Your opinion based write-ups should have logical support of facts and figures.
  7. You can write reviews about restaurants and their food, but your reviews should have pictures of the food you ate and bill as well, because we want to place genuine reviews of the restaurants in Pakistan.
  8. You can also post reviews about road-side eateries as well, but with pictures.
  9. Reviews should not be less than 250 words.
  10. You can write reviews about new advertisements, brands, clothing, movies and other happenings.
  11. You can share news that may go viral across the Internet and is worthy enough to be shared. It could be related to media, entertainment, technology, any new brand launch or even people. You can share relevant images as well.
  12. If you are sharing recipes, then you will have to provide a video of step by step procedure or step by step images. Also, a clear image of the end dish. The same guideline is for tutorials.
  13. For researches, make sure you have quoted authentic sources.
  14. If you are submitting stories of your own or someone else’s, just let us know whether you want to keep the name anonymous or not. We assure you that the names of the original author will not be leaked. You can also share success stories/motivational stories of your own or others. Don’t forget to submit supporting images. You can also write stories based on the social issues prevailing in Pakistan.
  15. If you love traveling and have been lucky enough to travel around the world or in Pakistan, you can share your experiences with us along with images. Let everyone know about the worth visiting places on earth!
We will go through the entire submitted write-ups, once it is up to the guideline, and then we will publish it with your name on our e-Magazine (if you want to publish it by your name). Once it is published we will send you the link of your published write-up. We might change the title, if it’s not up to the guideline, but you are welcome to give more than 1 title for your write-ups and it will save our time as well.
If you want to publish your write-up with your name, do mention that in the email.
You shall be listed as our official author along with a small bio. You will have to send in information about yourself, not more than 100 words. Also, send a high-resolution picture of your face only. You can provide your personal profile Facebook, Twitter and Instagram links.
Send us your contributions at:
[email protected]
[email protected]



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